Short Women and Tall Men: How to Have a Successful Relationship

Has your height been stopping you from having the courage to date a guy who towers over you? Do you lack the confidence in approaching the guy you like because of your height problem? Do you feel awkward with the idea of having a boyfriend that is too tall?

The idea of short women and tall men relationship is very common these days. Many couples are proud to show their partners even with their huge height difference. However there are still some women who are discouraged because of their height. If you are one of these women then it’s time for you to change your outlook when it comes to short women and tall men love relationship.

Here are the tips you can follow when it comes to short women and tall men relationship issue.

Tip # 1: Let Go of Insecurities – If you are born petite, you should not see it as a hindrance in having a relationship with very tall men. You should learn to accept and be comfortable with your physical appearance. When you are full of insecurities, you will not be happy with your relationship. It will always make you feel as if you don’t deserve the man or your height is not the ideal match for him. If these negative feelings will rule over your feelings for your man, then the relationship will eventually be destroyed.

Tip # 2: Focus On your Relationship – Instead of whining and feeling unfortunate about your height, concentrate on your relationship. Short women and tall men relationship issues should not prevent you from building a happy relationship. Think of how you can connect more with your partner and how both of can be more comfortable with each other. In a relationship, height does not really matter as long as you love each other’s company. Your height should not dictate with whom you should associate or open your heart to.

Tip # 3: Nourish the Qualities you Possess – Instead of thinking how uncomfortable having short women and tall men relationship might be, think of the best qualities you can offer your partner. You may lack the height but if you are full of love and understanding then you can have a successful relationship no matter who your partner is. Your height will not be the basis of your partner’s love. Physical attribute only becomes a hindrance in achieving the love life you dream of when you allow it.

Tip # 4: Enjoy your Relationship – Short women and tall men issues should be put aside. As long as you know deep in your heart that you love your partner, you should not let physical issues get in the way. Keep a positive attitude and try to make each moment full of good memories. When you and your partner are in love and accept each other whole heartedly, you will definitely have a healthy relationship.

A successful short women and tall men relationship is attainable when you learn to love yourself and value the love that you and your partner have for each other.

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